The relationship with R&O’s in Metairie, Louisiana dates back to April 2013. Mrs. Mollere needed some guest checks. Her supplier went out of business and Pegasus Ventures  sells restaurant guest checks across North America custom printed for restaurants.

The relationship grew well beyond guest checks and into website design and later social media management. The number of people following this family restaurant on Facebook nears 3,300 people giving the family a tremendous reach making for enormous engagement on social media.

Today Scranton based Pegasus Ventures manages the entire web presence for R&O’s.

A bit of a star in the New Orleans area, R&O’s is known across the country and has been featured Anthony Bourdain and other well-known people.

And what best sells R&O’s? It’s the pictures folks. In fact, all the pictures featured on this page and the website were submitted by customers.

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R&O's Restaurant in Metairie, LA cheese fries- Scranton Wilkes-Barre website design