Complete web development services for small business

Website Design

One price, one time a year with unlimited updates and no page limits creates your best website continously.

Social Media

One monthly fee managing social media; get customers involved and fatten-up sales

App Development

Affordable smart phone apps puts the medium in reach of small business owners 


View active client websites designed and managed by Pegasus Ventures.

Grow web presence without limits with one price from Pegasus Ventures

It’s about profit

Web presence drives profit with efficiencies using web-based tools while growing sales and traffic using best practices in Search Engine Optimization.

On target service

Enjoy expecting fast, consistent service; easy to work with by phone, text or email.



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Pegasus Ventures bite-sized advice; the webmaster’s blog shares simple workflows, often with video tutorials, to stay up-to-date with the latest in web-presence.

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