YouTube as a SEO tool for your small business

Search Engine Optimization using YouTube helps get a small business seen more


Part of actively growing a small business’ search engine optimization ought to include video, in other words YouTube.

As in all search engine optimization Pegasus Ventures follows best practices as laid out by Google rather than “predicting” user behavior.  Content is king, and more relevant content and growing content brings more people to a small business website.


YouTube video appears in search results even when a Google User is not on YouTube


YouTube videos add content to search giving a small business website more chances at getting found by potential customers even off the YouTube website.

Few small businesses use video, at all, as part of a search engine optimization strategy giving the active small business creator more opportunities to snag user attention for their company.


Viral ain’t the goal for a small business video creator

Yes, going viral wins views and mountains of attention for a small business. Pegasus Ventures hopes it happens for every client actively using YouTube.  More important, though, is the consistent building of content while gaining experience and confidence to showcase the small business  on YouTube. Get into the habit and get comfortable with YouTube.

For most Pegasus Ventures clients a YouTube video appearing in search results racks up few views. Yet, making the video important potential customers see the title and head over to the company’s website or call the business never viewing the video, itself. That’s not a bad thing.

And let’s be honest about those videos. YouTube videos highlight a small business taking up space a small business’ competitors otherwise occupy or appear near competitor related content attracting users to the company.


People like cute homemade videos from small business owners

Pegasus Ventures finds some clients hesitate tackling video fearing how it comes off.  Website clients trying their hand at amateur video find customers love even the most amateur efforts. It’s an honest view of the small business and, often, far more effective than slick productions.

So give YouTube a shot for your small business

Get in there and make the consistent effort to create video.  Video gives customers more information about a company, it humanizes the business and video content absolutely impacts search engine optimization to the good.

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