Tying together web-based services for best results 

Tie together ideas making the most of web-presence

Pegasus Ventures likes saving money and no one approves of wasting cash. A simple workflow brings together services like Facebook, Google My Business and a website.

Message repetition and consistency keeps a small business in front of customers

The repetition of a similar message appearing on Facebook, Google My Business and in Email blasts reaches customers on their preferred medium.

It’s the old numbers game

Pegasus Ventures often suggests throwing flyers. Flyers reach people because they look at the flyers as they remove them from doors or mailboxes. It’s a reach rate of 100%

Following up with the client Pegasus Ventures hears, “I put out 100 flyers and nothing happened. Flyers don’t work”

Put out 500 or 1,000 flyers every weekend and watch what happens. Over time the sheer numbers get results.

The web works the same way. Put together every service and reach the most people rather than using platforms one at a time.

Consistently grow contacts and audience using these tools

Like so much in life great use of web-based services is like the race between the tortoise and the hare…and the worst choice? Picking the hare to win.

Web-based services, especially free services like Google My Business and Facebook, work best with consistency; an investment of time not cash.

Weekly email blasts using Constant Contact rounds out a promotion. Reach the most people, reach them all with the same message and with some repetition make that reach solid.


Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

With the exception of Google My Business each tool mentioned here offers a scheduling tool.

Taking some time once a week to schedule a week or two of Facebook posts creates the chance to think through posts and spurs creativity!

Organize, Organize, Organize

Organization includes using the scheduling options for each of the tools mentioned other than Google My Business.

Rather than winging it, taking some time once a week to set up a couple of small campaigns focuses thinking and allows future planning in the long run saving time and making better campaigns.

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Tying together web-based services gives small business owners the most bang for the frugal buck