Time Management gets superior service

Managing time gets the job done

Pegasus Ventures manages information and  time really, really well. If a website promotion or event needs to start on a specific date, Pegasus Ventures just gets it done.

Sometimes clients even find the persistence withering, or comical. When Pegasus Ventures needs information and the customer sees scheduled requests until the task is completed.

No cracks for Pegasus Ventures clients to fall through

Active time management makes certain nothing falls through the cracks. Whether adding something to a website at a specific time, meeting a deadline or coordinating with staff and outside companies, Pegasus Ventures pushes tasks through to completion.

How does Pegasus Ventures keep it all straight?

Pegasus Ventures uses the digital version of the Franklin Covey Day Planner, called Plan PlusOnline. It costs about $15 a month and used well it manages all tasks and even helps manage staff with task delegation tools. Try it!

Communication counts for accountability

A client needing a change to a website on a specific date gets an email on that date knowing Pegasus Ventures  followed through on their request.

It’s accountability intended to build trust.

Practical time management supports a growth strategy for small business owners online


A lack of follow through often stops a great strategy.

Pegasus Ventures gets the day-to-day tasks done that make the long term goals work.

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