Building websites for the owner operator of the smallest businesses!

Swift Notary

When a long established business needed an update and a responsive web developer she called on Scranton’s Pegasus Ventures
Picking up Swift Notary in 2014, Scranton’s Pegasus Ventures maintains and updates this responsive website that works across all platforms including smart phones, tablets, and traditional laptops and desktops
Unfortunately many webdesign clients of Northeast Pennsylvania’s Pegasus Ventures come to the company  as a result of less than positive experiences with competitors as is the case with Swift Notary in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Scranton’s Pegasus Ventures takes pride in responsive, professional service. Often calls get answered live, customers preferring text or email love answers in minutes.

Pride takes second place to reality. Quick response saves time whenever possible by avoiding telephone tag and email back and forth  by supporting the small business owner in real time. Overall fast response saves time for everyone

Pegasus Ventures also powers this owner’s photo booth rentals website, learn more about Swift Photo Booth Rentals when you click or tap now.