Make posting to Google My Business and Facebook faster

Ready to go Google My Business and Facebook Posts

Speed up social media posting on Facebook and Google My Business

Always looking for time saving tools, Pegasus Ventures not only schedules Facebook months ahead but creates files with posts ready to go.

These files include pictures and text cutting down the time spent on social media while keeping content quality high.

Ready files for social media posts

Pegasus Ventures prepares files in advance, using images provided by owners and customers along with text blurbs and links to the business website stored on Notebook ready to cut and paste.

We also mark the files to prevent repetition.

Add more post files over time to keep content fresh

Repetitious posts get less notice from customers on Google My Business than Facebook. Still, growing content looks better and gets better results over time.

Generally, Pegasus Ventures  starts by creating about 10 files then creating a couple new post files each day until reaching around 20 files.

We continue regularly adding files keeping the social media posts fresh.

What’s the target number of ready to post files you suggest?

Usually Pegasus Ventures works in the first months to create 30-40 files with images and text for cut-and-paste posting.

However, adding new files, mixing and matching pictures and text remains an ongoing process as part of managing social media.

The target? Around 90 files. Facebook allows scheduling up to six months ahead and repeating posts 4 times a year makes the repetition barely noticeable to even the most avid follower of a business.

Edit along the way

Keep content fresh by quickly reviewing text as posts are added.

Over time engaging with customers on social media businesses learn what customers want and what they like. Add that experience to social media rather than robotically posting.

Keep the images but always look to improve text.

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