If you don’t need or want to instantly respond through the day

Turn off Facebook Messenger for your business

Not able to respond through the day to Facebook Messages; turn it off

The tool often fosters mundane questions like, “What time do you close” and, “Can I see a menu.” The more followers the more banal inquiries.

Fail to respond and it hurts the response time Facebook publishes about the small business.

No time to manage Facebook Messages for your business? Just turn it off.

Got the time, great, answer Facebook Messages!

For those with time to manage inquiries enhancing the published response times fast answers make a great win. Customers love it!

Feature no longer available, nothing to anger the customer

Where Pegasus Ventures manages social media and removed the message feature we see zero negative impact.

The tab disappears, so nothing to tap or click. Many larger companies remove the option so few even notice the missing tab.

Frankly, the feature invites questions customers find answered on the Facebook page or a website.

Learn more about Facebook Messenger for your small business

See the video below for a step-by-step tutorial to remove the Facebook Messages feature from your business.

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