Search Engine Optimization

Grow catering business with blog posts

A great side business for restaurants, blog posts grow catering

Creating a “blog” post on websites each time a restaurant provides  food for an event, business meeting or family get-together gives a big push to Search Engine Optimization for a restaurant’s catering.

A bit of a technical term, blog posts functions as sub pages to a main page showing a number of “posts” and offering links to all the posts.

Creating content pushes the restaurant up in search results

Google delivers more people to a business website as content grows. A restaurant sharing the catering services gives the business a quick, consistent opportunity to add content and continuously add new content to the website.

A template makes it easy and fast to add content

For our customers Pegasus Ventures has a basic template with space for a couple pictures of  food, if possible the location, the customer name (with permission!) and a description of the services provided.

Local competitors rarely offer much competing content for catering posts

Few, if any, local competitors share much about catering. Pegasus Ventures encourages local restaurants to post more, a great reason since to offer free updates part of website design services.

Long-term results; it’s the tortoise and hare, folks

Imagine just adding 25 posts a year. In three years 75 pages relating to catering services exists with diverse information to specific to the individual client.

Or how about 4 catering events a month, gets us to 48 pages in one year. 144 pages in 3 years.

It’s exactly what Google wants. It is the very definition of great Search Engine Optimization and it gives a restaurant growing dominance in Search Engine Optimization.

SEO: Restaurants growing catering with "blog" posts on website

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