Getting SEO results using Google My Business

Match web content to Google’s information about your company

Google My Business insights added to a website serves as a great SEO tool for business

One aspect of great search engine optimization; Use the data Google My Business collects and shares with owners about a company.

The data belongs on websites to grow traffic from Google users. A restaurant popular with tourists gets more traffic from  as Google directs users to websites with tourist related content.

Yes, Google knows these things and so much more! It’s a great opportunity for small business owners to improve search engine optimization.

Google My Business shares what a business is known for, use it on the website

In a  Google My Business account Google shares information to repeat on websites and Facebook pages. Some examples from restaurant clients of Pegasus Ventures include:

  • Popular with tourists
  • Good for kids
  • Good for families
  • Popular with college students
  • Casual
  • Lively
  • Serves great desserts

A restaurant, “good for kids”  gets more traffic from parents as Google knows the user has kids.

As part of managing social media for clients, Pegasus Ventures regularly audits the Google My Business account updating the client website to reflect new insights provided by Google.

A simple brick by brick approach to SEO at work

Whether using Pegasus Ventures, or someone else for search engine optimization strategy, making sure content Google gives small business owners also appears on a website puts one more brick in the successful search engine optimization foundation.



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