Grab emails to market to your customers

Restaurant online ordering platforms provide email addresses for weekly marketing

Capture customer emails from online ordering platforms for email marketing

From plenty of experience Pegasus Ventures knows customers actually respond to email marketing.

In the 2020 Pandemic we see many restaurants not using online ordering begin to use those platforms.

Customer email addresses create an opportunity to increase the customer frequency for a small business while expand knowledge about what’s on offer at the company!

Customers like the pizza, maybe we get them to call for a graduation or office party, too!

Make it a habit to download customer emails weekly

For clients where Pegasus Ventures manages email marketing we choose one day a week to download email addresses.

Using the same day each week matches up with weekly emails while creating a new consistent data point. “This week 20 people signed up, last week it was 45.”

Customers who like a small business often go overlooked in marketing

Some of the best customers are repeat customers. Why not email market to these people?

In reality, Pegasus Ventures finds very few customers remove themselves from email marketing lists.

In fact, while sharing a special or information Pegasus Ventures finds, more often, the email just reminds customers of the company more than it triggers a response to special offers.

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