Flagged Google Reviews get odd actions from Google

Don’t expect rational results when flagging reviews on Google

No way to explain results when flagging odd reviews. As seen on this page a review with two stars saying, “I will update when I actually try for the first time” from “Dog Love” fails to meet Google’s standards for removal.

It works in both directions; reviews appearing as descriptions of an experience get taken down.

Overcoming Google’s shortfalls

Most owners and managers know when we miss the mark. So, rather than flag a fair negative review one takes no action.

Bad idea. With Google making little sense the fairness of the review does not comport with Google’s response.

Answer?  Flag all the negative reviews. Keep in mind the customer gets notice their review came down, but it seems unlikely they remain a customer after a 1, 2, or 3-star review with a negative comment.

The result? Some malevolent reviews remain while honest negative reviews get removed. A weird balance, but hopefully a fair balance in the end.

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Good luck explaining the reason the review above is okay with Google.