Social Media Management

Grow Top Line Sales

Always job one for Pegasus Ventures as a social media manager; grow top line sales.

Managing social media marries up the often overlooked Google My Business platform  and Facebook to engage social media users building loyalty, attracting new people and intensifying loyalty to bring customer in and bring them in more often.

Time Management

Pegasus Ventures masters time in every aspect of managing social media.

Pumping out social media posts daily, engaging with your customers while bringing important issues to the attention of management in an organized effective structure supports a great social media presence which translates to growing good will goodwill and sales for a small business.

Pegasus Ventures also pushes clients to set up scheduled promotions and persistently follows up on tasks required to make it work.

So if we need to get something programmed into the point of sales device for a promotion a month down the load Pegasus Ventures persistently reminds  business owners and associated companies until the task is done.

Ever growing content

Pegasus Ventures as the social media manager means working with small business to creating a wealth of content to share on social media platforms while also using the comments and images submitted by customers to add to the content library.

Building content builds engagement and loyalty to the with the company which, in turn, builds repeat business.

One price, once a month $250

Services are tailored to the small business for one price, once a month for 6 months. Pegasus Ventures consistently stays with and grows your web presence.


Pegasus Ventures, based in Scranton,  designs website for one price, once a year with no limits on pages or updates through the year for just $395. Learn more when you click or tap now!

Looking for someone to run your social media presence? Why not call on Pegasus Ventures for professional, up-to-date services for just $250 per month. Find out more about a social media manager services!

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