Scranton based Pegasus Ventures sets out pricing to encourage clients to grow web presence on social media, and through their website and apps.

Pegasus Ventures sets and sticks to pricing

In 2005 when Pegasus Venture first offered website design and development services the center-piece of the service included a one price, once a year standard price. As the company expanded into social media management and designing smartphone apps the one price policy remains for one simple reason. 

One price encourages clients to expand and grow their web presence using Pegasus Ventures. Freed from asking, “How much will it cost to…” leads to stronger search engine optimization, better content and higher sales.

Website Design and Development $395

The pricing includes domain name, hosting, email accounts using the domain name as well as unlimited design through the year. Pegasus Ventures creates as many pages as needed with as many updates as needed through the year.

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$495- Apps developed for smart phones and tablets

Mirroring a small business’ website with the one price promise Pegasus Ventures uses in website design.

Customers access the  small business from their phone with a simple tap. Swipe now to see how to put your small business your customer’s pockets!

$250 per month Social Media Manager

Pegasus Ventures manages social media by tying together social media platforms and the client website while responding to inquiries in real time to visitors to social media platforms.

As with all the services provided by Pegasus Ventures social media strategy must drive top line sales. Tap or click now to learn more about social media management by Pegasus Ventures.