Send social media users to your website and beyond

Websites serve as the central gathering point for users from all sources

Yes, Pegasus VenturesM builds websites. Still, small business benefits from gathering potential customers in one place.

Google My Business and Facebook, and other platforms, present users with a stream of posts. Pushing users to a website gives the public far more and better organized than a social media platform.

A website also provides the opportunity to send users to other platforms promoting the company.

Use links on social media posts

ALWAYS link the website, or better yet, a specific web page in social media posts where possible. It’s more content.

In running social media for clients Pegasus Ventures, literally always, sees an increase in website traffic adding hyperlinks to social media posts while, also, increasing engagement on social media platforms.

The numbers tell the story about linking up websites and social media

When social media users like what they see they, often, visit a website. Monitoring website traffic Pegasus Ventures finds social media increases traffic to websites.

Even platforms without direct links in each post like Instagram send people to websites. Instagram’s users know to check the “link in the bio.”

Why limit exposure to traffic?

Sending people to the website gives the user more content and more information making a business more memorable for the potential customer spending more time thinking about that business.

And that’s cash, folks.

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Point social media users back to the website, be more memorable, grow sales