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Pennsylvania Chronicle

A new online media outlet

The Pennsylvania Chronicle website tests a theory, can a website bringing together news from dozens of sources in four regions in Pennsylvania survive as a commercial enterprise?


The Competition

And let’s start out being super honest the main player, The Patriot News part national behemoth Advance Publications, claiming to attract over 5 million unique visitors to its website monthly is not quaking in its boots.

Deep dive The Patriot News (aka Pennlive) website and then visit the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the people and places covered in the stories. Turns out much the vast majority of the content clearly comes from Facebook and Twitter, often word for word; not from reporters.

The Patriot News also relies on repeating content from the Washington Post and a few opinion writers of less than stellar quality across Pennsylvania and one highly skilled opinion editor who fires up readers regularly resulting in people spending a lot of time commenting on the website.

Must one employ reporters to create a cash flow for a news website? Can one person run it to profit?


Why beat the competition; carve out a niche

The criticism of The Patriot News is objective even though it’s tough. Pegasus Ventures wants to understand the dynamics.

The one person operation of the Pennsylvania Chronicle website won’t be beating the competition anytime soon, if ever, in real numbers. Yet, can the website attract say 50,000 unique visitors a month? Can visitors be enticed to return daily? Will the public look at more than a couple of pages at a time?  


The Google News Feed

Still in it’s infancy Pegasus Ventures focuses on getting the website into the Google News feed. Google only gives certain websites access to listing as a “news site.”  While Google shares general standards Google it refuses to give a set standards to meet.

We failed in the first submission and must wait 60 days to try again. At this writing in January 2018 Pegasus Ventures continues to rejigger the basic website in preparation for re-submission later this month.

If successful with inclusion in Google News bring massive traffic? We hope to learn the answer, soon!


But where’s the traffic coming from, now?

So as mentioned above the competition gets stories from social media they follow.  The Pennsylvania Chronicle website follows dozens of pages, writes stories from those pages and then adds the links on their social media post. 

The Pennsylvania Chronicle looks to enhance the content, so if a police agency posts about an arrest the website looks for court records about the person and other information available online. A police department shares they arrested someone not the fact the person was arrested many times before. So the website builds on the content from available public sources giving people a good reason to have a look.

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Building a new website for a new project demands a willingness to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes while listening to the website users and, of course, the client. Over more than a decade Pegasus Ventures possesses lots of experience and knowledge across a wide portfolio of long term clients. The Pennsylvania Chronicle brings that experience to The Pennsylvania Chronicle but, perhaps more importantly, brings the willingness to adapt to build user loyalty.