Get more Google Reviews garnering more positive attention for your business and to improve Search Engine Optimization

Add a link for Google Reviews to a small business website

Add a link to your small business website to grow Google Reviews

Google added a tool to Google My Business to link visitors from a small business website with Google Reviews. As discussed in an earlier blog post, Google Reviews almost always exceed other platforms, including Facebook for the most reviews.

Pennsylvania website developer Pegasus Ventures encourages adding the reviews link to client websites to help grow the number of reviews. Google users often see the overall review score before seeing a website and growing reviews helps provide a more balanced view of the company.

A greater sample of reviews equals far fairer reviews on Google Reviews for the small business owner

More reviews bury the cranks giving them less impact on overall score. For Pegasus Ventures a piece of Search Engine Optimization is growing reviews.

More reviews usually equals a fairer cross section of customers. It’s not unusual to see overall scores increase with more reviews on Google.

Recently talking to a client about his 3.5 star Yelp review Pegasus Ventures pointed out just 33 reviews pulled the score down to 3.5 stars with a number of obviously crank reviews. (Tap on the Yelp users name and see how many other people they take out after) His restaurant scored 4.1 stars calculated from 351 reviews on Google.

Step-by-step tutorial to locate the code to place Google Reviews on a website

  1. Go to the Google My Business Dashboard. (Hint: logged into Google or Gmail, just type the business name and city)
  2. While in the default, “Home” tab scroll down
  3. Find, “Get More Reviews” and copy the code
  4. Share the code with the webmaster or enter it in the appropriate place on the website. 

Customers now tap on the Google Reviews logo on the website to share their feedback

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