Light Bright Signs

Light Bright Signs in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Starting in 2012 through 2 owners and now on 3.0 version of the Light Bright Signs website, Pegasus Ventures provides regular ongoing updates to the website.

A look at the website  and notice on the Home page the signs all have dates on them? All are within a week or so of today.


The Light Bright Signs website works across all platforms, mobile, desktop, tablets and smart phones meeting current Google standards for “responsive” mobile ready design.

Google My Business

Pegasus Ventures publishes several times a week to the Light Bright Signs Google My Business platform.

Overtime the consistency grew Light Bright Sign’s search engine optimization not only for top-line response in the market but also for in the specific cities served in the company’s service area.

Image Rich

Pegasus Ventures often avoids lots of images on a website as more images slow down a website.

For a black sign company, though, images make the sale so Pegasus Ventures continually adds a current and growing number of images to the Light Bright Signs website.


An active customer on Facebook posting virtually all the black signs produced, Pegasus Ventures regularly updates the website showing visitors to the site Light Bright Sign’s website stays current. At no additional cost to the customer it’s part of the unlimited updates offered in the Pegasus Ventures one price, once a year Pro Plan.

Pegasus Ventures created more than 100 videos  Light Bright Signs as part of managing social media for the Grand Rapids based advertiser.

Each simple slide show video appears on Google My Business, Facebook and YouTube building content for this Pegasus Ventures website design client not only for those platforms but as part of growing Search Engine Optimization.

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