Use computer to upload to Instram without an app

Instagram with Chrome on Desktop computer

As a social media management business, Pegasus Ventures gets to work with companies like Facebook, the owner of Instagram. It’s not always fun.

And Instagram makes it all just a little more complicated. Want to run that Instagram from a desktop? Well get ready to jump through a hoop or two.

The good news¬† is Pegasus Ventures found the answer to easily get past Instagram’s barrier to laptops, Imac’s and Desktop computers.

Simple step-by-step instructions to upload to Instagram from any computer using Google Chrome

  1. Go to and sign in
  2. In Google Chrome tap the three dots at the far top right of Google Chrome browser under the “X”
  3. Mouse-over “more tools”
  4. Tap “Developer tools”
  5. To the immediate left of the menu item “Elements” that appears with lots of code under it, there is an icon of a tablet or phone. Put a mouse over it and it says, “Toggle Device Toolbar.” Tap the icon.
  6. The mouse will change from a pointer to a gray circle.
  7. Go to the top of the page in the address bar to the left of, “” and look for the arrow turning on itself. Mouse-over and it says, “Reload this page.” Tap the arrow.
  8. Now the page is ready to upload. Go to the “plus” icon at the bottom middle of the Instagram page and get started with uploading!

Need to see it done? Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial!


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