Instagram for small business owners

Yes, Instagram helps small business owners. A growing platform Pegasus Ventures Michigan finds value in this platform.

A more casual platform, Instagram allows business owners to share behind the scenes images people love, employee selfies, and high quality images of the business.

A newer social platform Instagram sets itself apart with over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is the fourth most downloaded app in the US.

Here we go again, deja vue all over again

Being around trying to convince clients to get a website, then pushing web design customers onto Facebook and now Instagram.

While not a huge source of traffic for Pegasus Ventures, the platform, nonetheless, attracts growing numbers of clients.

Out of all of the newer social networks, Instagram does a lot to set itself apart. With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is the fourth-most downloaded app in the US.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan likes the numbers

For The Pennsylvania Chronicle- Restaurant Inspections website, Pegasus Ventures flipped the switch on Instagram bringing in over 100 followers in the first week with no advertising.

Instagram, weirdly, prevents adding links in individual posts but that didn’t stop traffic to the website in that first week of about 30 visits a day.

It’s a thumbs up for this social media platform

Pegasus Ventures gives Instagram a thumbs up. A busy platform attracting new people to your business properly linked to a website creates traffic, interest and more content for small business owners.

And it’s still early for Instagram.

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Instagram for Business; a good idea or not?