Give customers new reasons to visit each week

Rotating Offers on Social Media and drive top line sales on slower days

Ever notice the grocery store repeats specials?

They do!

Pegasus Ventures suggests using rotating weekly offers to increase sales on social media and email blast services on slower days.

Repeating specials makes programming a POS system super easy

Pegasus Ventures helps clients create, in general, 12 separate offers on a spreadsheet.

Rather than each week, set up a POS with the all the specials rather than programming each week. It’s no more effort than flipping the switch each week.

Email blast and Facebook- Set up in advance

When Pegasus Ventures runs social media and email blast services, we pre-program Facebook posts and Email blasts with the weekly specials.

Customer like to see new content in weekly email blasts and different offers each week keeps drives up email blast, “Open rates” as well as social media engagement.

Why 12 weekly specials?

Seems like a good number! The specials only repeat just over four times each year, they repeat enough employees get used to specific combinations and, hopefully, customers who like certain offers respond with a purchase.

No need for deep discounting

Put deals together but avoid deep discounting. Consider discounts that round out meals; a main food item, a drink, a side order and dessert. Add them up and offer a minimal discount.

Use specials to increase awareness of the menu

Creating a rounded out meal entice customers with lesser known but tasty menu items! Let people know what’s great at your restaurant!

Use specials to drive sales on slower days

Pegasus Ventures suggests using specials only for slower days. The goal to drive top line salesĀ  Pick the slowest days of the week to encourage more traffic to the business and drive up top-lines and increase productivity of under used staff

Grow sales: Rotating specials to increase website and social media traffic

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