Growing views using Google My BusinessĀ 

Consistent posting grows sales over the long haul on Google My Business

No Pegasus Ventures client gets more traffic on Facebook than comes to their Google My Business platform.

Restaurants like R&O’s outside New Orleans with over 3,500 Facebook followers hitting nearly 80,000 views a month on Google My Business is just one example.

Few small businesses use Google My Business. Fewer still consistently build content adding posts and pictures regularly.

Google My Business consistency reaps rewards over the long haul

“The internet” really works best for the small business owner who remembers the tortoise beat the hare.

Adding dozens of pictures to Google My Business and walking away helps; but it’s not close to a good practice. Building a daily habit keeps content fresh and diverse.

In the case of a hard to advertise company like black sign dealer Light Bright Signs, consistent posting took us from about 700 views a month to, now, more than 1,600 monthly views for this business to business advertiser.

Working this platform for clients as part of managing social media Pegasus Ventures sees restaurant owners and other businesses earns thousands of views each month.

Owner operated restaurants like daVido’s Pizza and Wings in suburban Atlanta work closely with Scranton based Pegasus Ventures creating new images to share on Google My Business.

Where little content existed for Google Users to find we worked together to consistently grow content. 5 months later the average of 12,500 views each month turned into nearly 22,000 monthly views.


The tortoise wins the race more often than expected using Google My Business

Overtime daily posting to Google My Business puts content in front of users otherwise not available.

It’s just that simple and with few small businesses using Google My Business it puts owners using the social media platform that much further ahead of competitors.