Time sensitive online ads with Facebook

Beware of setting up Facebook ads for time sensitive offers

Facebook Ads “in review”

Managing ads for The Pennsylvania Chronicle’s restaurant inspections website spending over $2000 each month on Facebook ads, Pegasus Ventures sees ads routinely held, “In Review” sometimes as long as three days

Forget customer service from Facebook

Want help from the social media giant? Don’t bother. Facebook makes finding a “real person” with answers next to impossible.

Although online help exists Pegasus Ventures finds few questions answered on point instead providing generic answers rarely giving a correct answer.

That being said, sometimes a really specific worded inquiry generates real answers. On the whole, expect a nightmare back and forth over a several days leading nowhere.

Write Facebook ads with extended start days

A logic problem with Facebook ads Pegasus Ventures comes across? Start days messing up ads as they go live.

The advertiser starts a Facebook ad to begin on December 1 and run for 3 days. It takes a couple of days for the ad to leave the “In review” status.

As the ad, originally, would have completed on December 3, Facebook ends the ad on December 3 or may simply move the ad to “completed” status never running it, at all. The Facebook user must start from scratch. Don’t bother trying to extend the approved dead ad.

Set-up Facebook Ads a few days early and hit pause

An answer to preventing Facebook from throwing a monkey wrench into a planned offer or special requires setting up the ad 3 or 4 days in advance. Select days to run well beyond the planned run dates and pause the ad as it goes live.

A word of caution; only the person running the ad controls the ad. That person needs to have selected all notifications to see it on their phone as the ad goes live.

Once paused, restart the ad when needed. Editing the ad while live allows controlling when it ends.


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