Unfair Facebook Reviews

Flagging inappropriate reviews on a Facebook page

Facebook diligently removes inappropriate reviews from a business Facebook page. Pegasus Ventures Michigan, often, finds unfair reviews disappear within a couple of days if not sooner.

Inappropriate versus Appropriate

Facebook wants fair reviews  helpful to Facebook users. Off-topic, angry with someone, or just obnoxious reviews get removed when flagged.

The generic not so nice review usually remain

A client recently victimized by a Review Swarm saw  series of obviously coordinated reviews taken down by Facebook.

One of the people behind the swarm returned to say “Poor professional conduct.” Sadly that review remained because of its generic nature. Still, it provides little succor to the swarm as the phrase, “Poor professional conduct” means nothing to anyone checking out the business’ reviews.

Below is a video showing step-by-step how to flag a Facebook review.

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