Quickly export Gmail contacts to power email blasts using Constant Contact

Export Gmail contacts to Constant Contact

Exporting Gmail Contacts to Constant Contact to grow sales

Collect those contacts as they come in through Gmail, add them to Gmail contacts  and regularly export your customer and lead information to an email blast service like Constant Contact.

Make a habit update contacts for email blasts weekly

Pegasus Ventures suggests updating contacts weekly to Constant Contact. Weekly email blast list reminds leads a company wants their business while including existing clients in the latest going’s on with a small business.

Reminder to export specific lists

Good email address collection includes breaking out personal from business contacts, a key reason Pegasus Ventures encourages clients to use Google Contacts rather than having one big list of everyone getting and receiving emails.

Label groups and export the specific group or groups required.

Step by Step instructions to export Contacts from Gmail

For best results, Pegasus Ventures suggests exporting contacts from Gmail to Constant Contact using a Desktop or Laptop computer rather than from a mobile device.

  1. Go to your contacts at contacts.google.com
  2. Select Export on the column to the left
  3. Tap on Contacts (underlined with a drop down arrow)
  4. In the drop-down menu select the “Label” to be downloaded
  5. Tap the “Export” button
  6. A CSV document will now be downloaded to your computer. In Chrome or Firefox the file can be located by tapping CTRL + J on a Windows computer.
  7. Open and login to your Constant Contact account
  8. Under “Contacts” select “Add.”
  9. Choose “Upload from file”
  10. Select the file just downloaded and it will begin to load
  11. Tap on “Skip unmatched”¬† (Constant Contact looks for first name, last name and email addresses. Most other information gets classed as unmatched although Constant Contact allows for import of other variables for those preferring to add more to Constant Contact.)
  12. Tap the blue button “Continue”
  13. Select the groups applicable to the email addresses being imported
  14. Tap the orange “Upload” button
  15. View the results of the imported emails from Gmail



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