Adding names to the email blast list week after week

Grow sales building your email contacts, one restaurant’s experience

Using Constant Contact to increase visit frequency at a business

Pegasus Ventures uses Constant Contact to increase traffic to client websites when running t social media. Email blasts not only inform customers they increase visit frequency.

daVido’s in suburban Atlanta goes from 0 to 2,494 contacts in less than a year

Managing social media for daVido’s Pizza and Wings , Pegasus Ventures collects emails from the online ordering platform and on the website using a pop-up as people enter the site.

In the 11 months the list grew to nearly 2,500 people. As the other two restaurants in the group came online the numbers rose to over 12,000 in just 18 months.

The sheer number of contacts brings return for most business owners

Year to year the growing number of contacts means the return on investment grows. Adding people to the list creates a growing response. Customer feedback naturally finds better ideas for weekly email blasts and the habit keeps a small business in front of customers.

Let customers get involved with your business

Many decision makers believe email blasts annoy customers. A small business, Pegasus Ventures getsĀ  bombarded by spam all day long. So we, too, find ourselves surprised by the numbers of people wanting email blasts.

People know and love local small businesses more often welcoming email.

Unsubscribing? Not a problem

Email blast services like Constant Contact allow customers to unsubscribe.

With clients like daVido’s Pizza and Wings, few people unsubscribe bolstering the point customers want to hear from local companies. Pegasus Ventures sees about two or three people a week for most clients, if that.

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Email blasts; One restaurant goes from 0 to 2,494 emails in less than a year

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