Master Key Loose Siding Fasteners

Web presence for an owner/inventor’s patent pending product

Master Key Loose Siding Fasteners


A small e-commerce retailer selling one product online

Scranton based Pegasus Ventures helps the owner/inventor of a new product designed for home and trailer owners to fix loose siding on their homes sell his loose siding fasteners online.

The simplicity of the website pays off for this Pegasus Ventures customer with a short workflow from website to sale. Orders, come in, orders get boxed and orders get shipped.


Low cost and easy online payments for Master Key Loose Siding Fasteners

Integration from Pay Pal makes e-commerce super simple for this client on a website designer by Pegasus Ventures.

Pegasus Ventures suggested Pay Pal. Pay Pal processes every credit card, charges their fees up front and puts the money into an account with a debit card making the cash available to our client instantly.

Often online payment collection requires more than one provider and/or delays in receiving the funds. Pegasus Venture’s suggesting using Pay Pal makes the entire process easy for Master Key Loose Siding Fasteners.

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A one person, owner/inventor company with gets a solid online presence with help from Scranton based Pegasus Ventures, tap here to visit Master Key Loose Siding Fasteners.