Advertising and sales representatives- spot the good ones

Good representatives getting clients the most bang for their buck

The best people see their success happens only through the success of the client.

The tough and honest conversation

Pegasus Ventures sometimes irks clients. Website design clients find themselves confronted with poignant questions informed by experience.

Yet, almost everyone appreciates and respects the webmaster serving the client’s interests by asking. It’s something to look for in a sales person.

Prepare a few questions

  • Help me understand how X gets me a better result than Y.
  • Give an example of another, similar business who saw success with your plan.
  • Tell me about a project that didn’t work as expected and the lessons learned?
  • What do you see as the difference between my business and another type of business in terms of your service or product.
  • Tell me about an odd problem  solved for a client.

In the round these questions give a business owner a sense of representative’s honesty, depth of experience and the willingness to share that experience.

Simple, understandable answers  tell owners who knows their business

People who really know their business answer probing questions with thoughtful, uncomplicated answers.

Don’t get rolled

Pegasus Ventures often runs into owners not asking questions feeling challenged by “technology.”

Decision makers need simple information not deep dive, technical schematics.

As an example Pegasus Ventures shares ideas letting customers know the expected outcome.

Overtime many clients learn to say, “I want to do X, how can you make that happen.”

People who know their business know how to make the information accessible to their customers. Decision makers need good information with pros and cons not deep experience with the product or service.

Working with a group of pizzerias Pegasus Ventures criticized the haphazard social media strategy. The advice? Post lunch specials at 9am or 10am on Facebook during the week, rather than 11am or noon.  Post Friday afternoon to get some business for that night and on the weekends earlier as people plan their days off.

The owner’s response, “Yeah that makes sense!”



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Advertising and sales representatives- spot the good ones