The advertisers that don’t work; maybe it’s you!

Starting the website design business in 2005 gives Pegasus Ventures a unique view of client advertising as web designers partner with and support marketing companies.

Whatever company a small business owner uses, the web address gives the campaign a place for potential customers to visit to learn more. Pegasus Ventures learned much over the years.

Advertising rule number one; every established company works

Business owners often tell us a certain marketing business failed their company. More often established advertisers work or they wouldn’t exist.

So look for the reason the campaign failed, first, rather than blaming the platform.

Change up the strategy

Two pizzerias  on the same large property used different home mailers each saying the other advertiser fumbled the job.

One pizza place agreed to try a new tack. Jiggering offers for the “bad” mailing company found great success.

Over time the restaurant alternated the two companies lowering overall cost while reaching a wider audience using both companies.

Both advertisers “worked” better

Earlier, the restaurant missed observing the dwindling results from the “good” mailing business. A burst of business as mailers hit homes masked the owner catching the advertising percentage of sales dropping over time.

So what happened?

  • The restaurant believed the “bad company” didn’t “work” never updating “how” they used the company.
  • Every advertisement with both mailers contained essentially the same offers. Overtime people got bored with both mailing companies. The public become “more” bored with the lower performing marketer quicker.

Always look for solutions

In the pizza restaurant example the solution turned out to be easy. Do both, vary the offers and, overall, increases reach, response and top-line sales.

Often the problem with failed campaigns traces back to conditions set by the business owner rather than using the advertiser’s experience and track record to guide use of the platform.

A significant piece of the failure, also, goes to the sales representative with little experience or a tendency not to stand-up to a customer getting it wrong.

For more on best use of advertising, check out this blog post on spotting the best sales people!


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Advertisers that don't work may require a second look