Designed for small business, the Better Business Bureau Sample Privacy Policy works best for small businesses

Small Business Privacy Policy for Every Small Business Website

A written Privacy Policy for your Small Business Website

A smart privacy policy addresses the range of activities in which a company engages using data collected by a website and other online tools.

Scranton based Pegasus Ventures recommends clients adopt a Privacy Policy for their small business website informing users when and why their personal information is collected and how the information is shared within the business as well as third parties.

Stated Privacy Policy’s answer users questions online and prevent legal issues

For the vast majority of small business owners’ collection of personal data amounts to little more than website users entering a name, email and telephone number on a contact form requesting a reply from the business with little further use of the collected information.

However, some people deep dive websites looking for how information gets used. An enunciated policy on the website generally saves time taking answering calls and emails from curious people. Those who choose to inquire, further, usually appreciate the small business pointing to a website’s stated policy.

Under the “ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” theory the tiny few troublesome people creating legalistic, “situations”  look elsewhere when the business displays a clear Privacy Policy to create problems for the company.

Integrating with third party apps and services

The most practice reason for a privacy policy? Some third parties condition a privacy statement as part of using their services, most notably Facebook when adding a share button to your small business website.

The Better Business Bureau Sample Privacy Policy

The Better Business Bureau makes available a great Sample Privacy Policy easily adapted to most small business websites. Read through it, edit it to for your company and have your website design company add it to your website.