Getting to the top of Google, it’s total myth

The top of Google search for a small business owner

At the top of Google in a week?

New clients call about a week after Pegasus Ventures launches a new website exclaiming, “You are great, I just looked and my website is first on Google.”  Next, the palpable deflation as client hears, “No, you really are not at the top.”

The client searched their company. Google learned it, and Google delivered their website at the top of search on their device.

Keep looking for the same website Google delivers it higher and higher in search results.

Getting to the top ain’t real

The markers Google uses include search history of the user, location, and literally hundreds more making, “the top”  impossible to exist.  It’s entirely possible for top results for one person to be entirely different for another person in the same room on another device.

The myriad markers used to determine what Google displays for users makes predicting, “the top” wholly impossible.

Stop predicting keywords for search

Pegasus Ventures knows the folly of trying to predict the keywords Google Users enter in the search box to find a business.

Pegasus Ventures  adapts a website by adding keywords to a website from analytics reporting.

Actual keywords not predictions and those words often surprise the small business owner.

For example, how many people think of adding the words, “near me” to content on a website.

Google knows user location….”Pizza restaurant near me”  Get it?

Do you really think Google wants to exclude appropriate results?

And here’s the kicker. Anyone thinking Google’s algorithm colludes with slick webmasters to push aside competitors asks to be duped by an unscrupulous web design company or, worse, an inexperienced company.

Best Practices in website design and development

Great webmasters follow best practices. Want to test a web designer? Ask them how they stay up on the latest changes in the industry. Ask how they learned the business.

Pegasus Ventures loves the Google Webmaster’s channel on YouTube. Google answers questions, shares great information and helps web people stay up with the latest developments in search.

Who better than Google to train webmasters in an every changing field?

Tap here to see the Google Webmasters YouTube channel.


It’s really just great content according to Google

Want Google to deliver your small business content to the most people? It’s all about the content.

Give Google the most information possible about your business. Update the content, review the content from time to time, take lots of pictures, and always look to improve the website.

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