Facebook for Small Business Owners

Leverage Facebook to drive top line sales for your small business owners


A zero dollar cost effective tool to market your business, despite some negative press, Facebook remains the king of social media for the small business owner to reach existing fans and customers as well as grabbing their followers to develop even more fans.

To be successful on the social network, it begins with the Facebook Business page. Whether you’ve been around a while or just created a Facebook Business page, Pegasus Ventures Michigan shares a few important ensuring  an active and engaged audience.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan loves to manage social media for our clients but we know some prefer the do it yourself approach to Facebook and other social media tools and this area of the website seeks to foster success on Facebook business pages for the small business owner.

And as always what we do here is all about driving top line sales.

Respond to Reviews

Small businesses grow  their online profile with better reviews Respond to Reviews Answering Reviews Grows Online Presence Like it or not people review small businesses all the time on platforms like Google. Small business owners get no choice.  Google reviews exist....

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Social Media Manager

In just a few years, the term “social media manager” came into existence, changed and then changed again. Chances are it will continue to change as content marketing evolves in the digital space.

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Facebook Messenger

Use Facebook Messenger so customers easily reach your small business from their phone, tablet, Desktop computer or other mobile device. Learn the value of Facebook Messenger and get step by step instructions to add this free tool to your website.

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Hashtags direct social media users to specific category content on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Learn to use hashtags on social media to drive more sales

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Getting started with social media

Pegasus Ventures firmly believes in performance. For those of us owning small businesses frittering time  damages success more than any wasted dollar.

This series on Facebook and best practices in social shares the best most effective use of Facebook to drive top line sales.

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Facebook Measures Response Times

Often the key to successful cash converting engagement lies in the speed of response. Winning the customer with a quick response while competitors stick to business hours or fail to respond tells customers your company is on the ball winning the first impression.

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