Webmaster’s Blog

Scranton based Pegasus Ventures blog discusses issues relating to small business as it relates to the internet and getting the most out of web presence. 


SEO- Match Content to Google My Business

One aspect of great search engine optimization; Use the data Google My Business collects and shares with owners about a company.

The data belongs on websites to grow traffic from Google users.

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Smarter Advertising Online

Often Pegasus Ventures Michigan website design clients look at online tools as almost mysterious de facto superior platforms to more traditional options. Don’t do that.

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YouTube Video as a SEO tool

Few small businesses use video, at all, as part of a search engine optimization strategy giving the active small business creator more opportunities to snag user attention for their company.

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Webmaster, get my business to the top of Google

New clients call about a week after Pegasus Ventures launches a new website exclaiming, “You are great, I just looked and my website is first on Google.”  Next, the palpable deflation as client hears, “No, you really are not at the top.”

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The Door Dash Dirty Trick

Door Dash Adwords advertisements appear claiming to deliver restaurant’s food to homes and offices, Trademark violations? Dirty Tricks from Door Dash

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Facebook is not advertising, Facebook is public relations

A  study from 2014 by Nielsen commissioned by inPowered on the role of content in the consumer decision-making process concluded that PR is almost 90% more effective than advertising: “On average, expert content lifted familiarity 88 percent more than branded content…” 

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Google Calendar for your business website

Scranton based Pegasus Ventures discusses Google Calendar. Google Calendar works with your personal Gmail address. If you use Google Calendar on your website, you suddenly have a tool to schedule that changes on your website as you update Google Calendar.

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