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Plug and Play Website Designers

Plug and play companies affiliated with a brand name  company often take over for local webmasters.

No local website designer competes with a capability that, honestly, works best for the local company or agent as the plug and play company mass updates websites for agents regularly based on the brand’s activities.


Local Insurance Agent Joel Schaaf

Pegasus Ventures first built a website for Joel Schaaf when he was the point person for the Grand Rapids Fireworks, Michigan in the mid 2000’s.

Later Joel asked Pegasus Ventures to build his first insurance agent website, a project that lasted for almost a decade, before the company he represents took over his website. 

It was a privilege to work for Joel and for someone looking for insurance and related services no one works harder for his customers.

It was a friendly parting of the ways and Pegasus Ventures making sure the transition went smooth.

Joel’s Wife Calls

A couple years later Joel’s wife calls. Andrea owns office space she wants to rent out and needed a website.

Talk about a lift. What makes your day better than a former client, gone for a couple of years, making that referral?

Working hard!

And Pegasus Ventures  jumped right in. The website was built in less than a week,  the Facebook account started and Pegasus Ventures  created the Google My Business account.

A couple days later an event scheduled at Jenison Office Suites at Boulder Bluff Centre through the local chamber of commerce occurred with the website ready to sell.

Pegasus Ventures, based in Scranton,  designs website for one price, once a year with no limits on pages or updates through the year for just $395. Learn more when you click or tap now!

Looking for someone to run your social media presence? Why not call on Pegasus Ventures for professional, up-to-date services for just $250 per month. Find out more about a social media manager services!

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