Bull Bay’s Scarlett Guest House Hotel

Building a website for a Jamaican hotel from Scranton, PA?

Website for an out-of-the-way hotel in Jamaica powered by Scranton’s Pegasus Ventures

It’s a feather in the portfolio Pegasus Ventures sports a hotel in Bull Bay, Jamaica.

Scranton’s Pegasus Ventures built a website for a client who bought, and since sold, a property in Nashville, Michigan. In fact, we built two other temporary websites for the same entrepreneur. Did you know there’s a Nashville in Michigan?

The Jamaica native bought a small hotel in his home nation. He called on Pegasus Ventures  to build a website for his hotel located in Bull Bay, Jamaica, an off the beaten path location in the Caribbean country.

As much Pegasus Ventures would love to claim someone in Jamaica called one day for a website, it’s a very different story; but it’s still pretty cool!

Pegasus Ventures works closely with the California-based entrepreneur keeping the website current and responding quickly to requests for updates.

Tap here to visit the Scarlett Guest House Hotel in Bull Bay, Jamaica