Website Design

$395 annual Pro Plan


Pegasus Ventures creates websites to attract customers and increase top line sales by putting as much information into the hands of people visiting the internet as possible.  The one price, once a year with no limits on pages and updates strongly encourages customers of Pegasus Ventures to add and change content as well to meet the challenges of managing online presence in this fast changing industry.


Unlimited emails, hosting and domain name included in pricing as well security for your domain name.  Partnering with Godaddy Pegasus Ventures acts as a reseller for these services creating an account entirely controlled by you, the customer also included in our once price, once a year Pro Plan.

The web design business sees some webmasters take websites for various reasons. At Pegasus Ventures clients get their own account controllable by the customer separate and apart from Pegasus Ventures with the customer determining the level of access. In the event a customer moves on they take their account with them. More importantly Pegasus Ventures answers this question, “What happens to my website if my web master gets hit by a bus?” A domain name ought to be viewed as property and property belongs in the hands of the owner, period.


Pegasus Ventures morphed from a contracting company needing a website to a website designer leading the way in the home market including being the first to introduce online ordering for locally owned restaurants.

High prices drove Pegasus Ventures into affordable easy to update and change website design but a huge impact of the one price, once a year Pro Plan turned out to be a huge wealth of experience. Where expensive competitors found a few customers, Pegasus Ventures works with dozens of customers giving this web site design company based in Scranton, PA a whole lot of experience in many industries.


Speedy Service makes all the difference. Pegasus Ventures tells customers to expect a turnaround for requests of about 24 hours. More often the time is measured in minutes or hours rather than days.

A busy web designer wants to keep the daily task list up to date, not long and growing, with customers quickly learning updating and adding new content happens really fast with Pegasus Ventures.

Anyway in a busy small business who needs to try to remember why they reached out 3 days earlier!