Social Media Management- $250 per month



Growing top line sales is always the biggest most important objective for any project at Pegasus Ventures. Managing social media marries up the oft overlooked Google My Business platform with the better known Twitter and Facebook with your website. For more punch Pegasus Ventures also uses Instagram to get a small business owner’s message out.  Build content and dominate.


Serve customers with speed. More and more people inquire directly from social media in the form of messages and/or comments. In the case of Facebook the platform tells people the average response time and the percentage of messages your small business answers. For our customers, Pegasus Ventures looks to get to a 100% response rate with a 30 minute average response time or less. Fast response tells potential customers the small business owner wants to earn their business.


Content is King. Some people misuse their business social media accounts with frivolous content. People choose to follow a business because they like the business, want to know more about the business and/or just want to have an affiliation with the business. Pegasus Ventures posts content regularly to promote the companies we serve on all platforms regularly.


Dominate the race and win. The lack of using  various social media platforms, especially Google My Business makes for a huge opportunity. Your competitors take little, if anytime, to build their over all web presence through social media. The winner adding dozens of images and continually sharing information about your small business takes home the cash as Pegasus Ventures builds content on the web.