Web Design

Alpine Golf Club
Comstock Park, MI

It’s been a great relationship working with this family owned business¬† now into version 3.0 with over 10 years powering the Alpine Golf Club website in Comstock Park, MI, a suburb of Michigan’s 2nd largest city.¬† This latest iteration a WordPress site designed with a member of the family allowing Alpine Golf Club to easily manage the website themselves with support from Pegasus Ventures.

Web Design

The family now has a photographer and soon to be newly minted marketing degree recipient who’s really makes web presence part of the daily routine by integrating the website and social media.¬† The results have been amazing with the company active on both Facebook and Google My Business

There’s little substitute for active social media and marrying up social media with a website puts real information in front of people to show potential customers so much more about your small business. Alpine Golf Club takes that on and gets results with little more than a new picture and a comment every couple of days on social media.