Web Design Portfolio

Web Design began in 2005 for Scranton-based Pegasus Ventures and the company continues to serve the earliest clients signed for website design with the best in up to date website design and development services.

Your website is a key marketing tool

Pegasus Ventures works to leverage your website to increase profitability, build engagement, expand visibility, and convert users into buyers. Pegasus Ventures Michigan works with clients to unlock value through creativity, technology, and business-minded thinking.

Scarlett Guest House Hotel, Jamaica

It’s a feather in the portfolio Pegasus Ventures sports a hotel in Bull Bay, Jamaica.

Scranton’s Pegasus Ventures built a website for a client who bought, and since sold, a property in Nashville, Michigan. In fact, we built two other temporary websites for the same entrepreneur. Did you know there’s a Nashville in Michigan?

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McGrew’s Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Quick, we need a website!

Ever taken by surprise by a customer? It happens in the web design business, too.

McGrew’s Third Generation Rug and Carpet Cleaning planned a big ad campaign on Google Adwords. Only problem, adverting on Google Adwords requires a website.

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Jenison Office Suites

Pegasus Ventures in Scranton jumped right in for this customer based in Jenison. The website was built in less than a week,  the Facebook account started and Pegasus Ventures created the Google My Business account.

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Freshly’s Gryos and Corned Beef

Referral in February 2019 located in Willoughby, Ohio Freshly's Gyros and Corned Beef Locally owned restaurant located in suburban Ohio Freshly's Gryos and Corned Beef Scranton based web design and development company Pegasus Ventures picked up Freshly's...

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Cedar Springs Fence

All the way back in 2005 Cedar Springs Fence became website customer number two for Pegasus Ventures, in Cedar Springs Michigan.

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Pennsylvania Chronicle

A website for a realistic online media outlet Pennsylvania Chronicle A new online media outlet The Pennsylvania Chronicle website tests a theory, can a website bringing together news from dozens of sources in four regions in Pennsylvania survive as a...

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daVido’s Pizza and Wings

Many Pegasus Ventures clients come to Pegasus Ventures Michigan as a result of less than satisfactory service from a previous website designer. In this case a referral to Pegasus Ventures for the three suburban Atlanta Georgia restaurants started just that way from, of all places a client, in Massachusetts. 

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Cantina Mexican Grill

Pegasus Ventures won Cantina Mexican Grill on the referral of a client in the Fall of 2009 and continues to earn confidence monitoring and using social media and other tools to continuously update the restaurant’s website.

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Swift Mobile Notary

Picking up Swift Notary in 2014, Scranton’s Pegasus Ventures maintains and updates this responsive website that works across all platforms including smart phones, tablets, and traditional laptops and desktops

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Swift Photo Booth Rentals

Pegasus Ventures redeveloped the Swift Photo Booth Rental website in August 2018 as part of moving clients to a content management system (CMS) affording many more capabilities to both the customer and Pegasus Ventures as the Scranton based web developer builds capabilities for small business owners.

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R&O’s Restaurant

The relationship with R&O’s in Metairie, Louisiana dates back to April 2013 after buying products from the Pegasus Ventures retail website. Today Scranton’s Pegasus Ventures runs the entire online presence for R&O’s

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P&D Enterprises

At first blush little reason exists for a smaller local rental property owner operated by a husband and wife team seems unlikely to even need a website let alone a social media manager. For Scranton, PA based P&D Enterprises it turns out many, if not, most successful rentals come from the robust online presence built and managed by Pegasus Ventures. 

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Chem Brite

Scranton based Pegasus Ventures designed Chem Brite’s Pressure Washing and Painting’s website 1.0 came together in December 2009. In the Spring of 2019 Pegasus Ventures launched version 4.0. Pegasus Ventures manages this contractor’s website focusing on  Chem Brite’s integrity and honesty as exemplified by an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau

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Best Darn Movers, Kingston PA

A small, okay really small company, Scranton based Pegasus Ventures gets the importance of web presence for fellow small businesses like BestDarnMovers, delivering results not only from the build but on an ongoing basis with free updates and unlimited pages as part of the one price once a year pricing.

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Alpine Golf Club, Comstock Park, MI

For more than 10 years Scranton Pegasus Ventures has worked with Alpine Golf Club just outside Michigan’s second largest city to grow their web presence not only operating the website but supporting the family with information as they run a very successful social media presence, as well

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Light Bright Signs

Starting in 2012 through 2 owners and now the 3.0 version of the Light Bright Signs website, Scranton Pegasus Ventures provides fast response to the Grand Rapids, Michigan based company needs for this black sign business serving mainly business owners but also individuals, church groups and even charter schools looking for students. Learn more!

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E-Commerce by Pegasus Ventures

How about this? Pegasus Ventures also operates an eCommerce website selling, of all things, restaurant guest checks, napkin bands, food rotation labels and cash register rolls! For more than a decade the site sells products all over North America and beyond!

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