Picciocchi’s Pasta in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 

Picciocchi’s Pasta in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania needed a new webmaster

Opening in December 2019, Picciocchi’s Pasta in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania quickly tired  from an unresponsive website designer.  Pegasus Ventures got the call for a redesign.

Pegasus Ventures, now, provides fast response to Picciocchi’s Pasta’s needs  with zero drama.

Owning domain names matters and it mattered for Picciocchi’s Pasta

Picciocchi’s Pasta’s webmaster controlled the domain name and stalled the process of transferring the domain to an account possessed by the owners of Picciocchi’s Pasta.

Ultimately cooperating, the previous webmaster delayed  transfer of the domain name to an account controlled by the owners of the business.

Responsive website design from Pegasus Ventures 

Pegasus Ventures wants clients to update websites as it drives up page views as well as improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

With the Pegasus Ventures name at the bottom of the page with a link we get a shot at earning more business while putting in 100% for clients as traffic grows while improving our SEO.

Using great time management tools there is no excuse not to give fast service to each client of Pegasus Ventures.

Making it easy for the client to update

The owners offer daily specials and Pegasus Ventures makes it easy for the restaurant to change the daily specials without needing to be in contact with Pegasus Ventures! It’s all about being flexible!

Visit Picciocchis Pasta’s website

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