Restaurant Inspections from a website that reaches out to the public

Pennsylvania Restaurant Inspections from The Pennsylvania Chronicle

Scranton based Pegasus Ventures, first, designed a news website for The Pennsylvania Chronicle.  The Pennsylvania Chronicle covers news in a limited region of the state.

Covering a negative restaurant inspections on the news website often garnered thousands of views a day. Regular news not so much. In fact, reporting on one butcher in a rural area where state inspectors found maggots went viral reached over 53,000 page views in one day.

So we decided The Pennsylvania Chronicle ought to deliver statewide restaurant inspection content with a website dedicated only to restaurant inspections.

The website launched in mid-November 2019 and in the first full month, December 2019, picked up over 507,000 views.

As the project grows, Pegasus Ventures manages content on the website as well as social media promotion including a social media advertising budget exceeding $2,000 each month.

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