Single Platform; stay away from it

Pegasus Ventures says stay away from Single Platform, a Trip Advisor company

As with Yelp, Pegasus Ventures suggests not engaging with outside menu platforms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) compromised with Single Platform

Single Platform, Yelp and other similar websites end up pushing down results for a business and confusing web surfers.

Content rich sites compete with a small business sometimes appearing higher in search than the company, itself.

Accuracy, updating, annoyance

Updating a menu on a restaurant’s website? Now the job takes longer and requires remembering to update other platforms when the menu appears.

Make the restaurant’s website the focal point of information.

Calling Single Platform to remove a menu

Single Platform removed a menu for a client by calling 877-564-8728.

An easy call with friendly customer service the representative said to expect the menu to be removed in 24-48 hours.

Unfortunately the first call only saw the menu removed two weeks later. It took a second call to fully remove the business from the Single Platform website.

Pegasus Ventures finds complete removal from the platform takes several calls. If all that’s left is a correct phone number and website take the win.



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