McGrew’s Rug and Carpet Cleaning

A family owned business since 1945

Quick, we need a website!

Ever taken by surprise by a customer? It happens in the web design business, too.

McGrew’s Third Generation Rug and Carpet Cleaning planned a big ad campaign on Google Adwords. Only problem, adverting on Google Adwords requires a website.

The call came in about 11am to the Scranton office.  Pegasus Ventures set up the domain name and hosting along with a temporary home page and contact page in about 2 hours.

The balance of the website took only days with work completed over Memorial Day weekend resulting in a website the client loves.


It’s a family business

Ever hear about a rug cleaner around since 1945?

Three generations from grandfather to father and, now, son this Mt Pleasant South Carolina company has served the people of the Charleston Area.

Decades in business speaks to the respect earned in the community, it promotes a hard-working team led by a hard-working family.

The experience tells people to expect quality from a company with 74 years in business.

Talking with the owner over the Memorial Day weekend brought out more details as Pegasus Ventures asked about Grandpa McGrew’s service during World War 2 giving us more to say about the man behind the company.

While clients often prefer not to brag on relatives, Pegasus Ventures knows the public loves a good story.

Who doesn’t love an orphan who became a sergeant who built a great business passing it on to his son and grandson?

Needless to say, Pegasus Ventures feels very proud to include McGrew’s Third Generation Rug and Carpet Cleaning in our portfolio.

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