Maria Bonacuse
Makeup Artist, Scranton Pennsylvania

For make up artistry and especially eyelashes no one beats out Maria Bonacuse in Northeast Pennsylvania. Brides to be Maria’s reputation and Maria Bonacuse is an  example of building a business on word of mouth and great work.

And it points up one of the most important principles for Pegasus Ventures. Building websites, apps and running social media absolutely makes a difference for our small business owners, but  finding and promoting the existing strengths makes all the difference.


Web Design
Google My Business

Maria appeared on a television show for the Oprah Winfrey Network in late 2017 and the clip on this page made it to Youtube. Pegasus Ventures wants to show off Maria’s reputation being chosen for the job.

So let’s get the Youtube videos on every page of the website and let’s start the videos at the place where potential customers see Maria at work rather than the beginning. Maria Bonacuse front and center, please!