Make your website the sole focal point for web surfers

The sole focal point for your small business website

One expects a website designer to promote websites. Pegasus Ventures, however, advocates the point because the point makes sense. We want to focus people on the place with the most and best organized information.

Social Media generally shows only most recent information

Hard enough to keep attention social media shows users the most recent post a website is organized to sell, websites present categories of information.

Browsing a website gives users the opportunity to choose their interests as opposed to leafing through posts on Facebook, for example, mainly showing posts by date.

Always point back to the website with a link in social media posts

Make it super easy for users to get closer to the sale with links back to the website on every post.

Even on social media where “in post” links lack the hyperlink ability most users know to copy and paste a link.

Make sure, as well, the website appears in the “bio” of all social media.

Watch the results on Google Analytics

Google Analytics reporting tells owners where websites users originate. Pegasus Ventures sends automatic reports to clients each week and urges every manager to use the tool to see how people get to a company website!


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