Customers add pictures to Google My Business; give it some attention

Manage your Google My Business Listing as customers add images

People can post pictures to your Google My Business listing without permission and removing those images only happens through a flagging process dependent on Google.

Sadly, some bad images also end up on the Google My Business Platform

Learn more about customer submitted images below in the blog below and by viewing the video!

Customer/User Submitted Images to your company’s Google My Business account

Customers and other users submit images impacting how people see a company on the internet. Social media managers like Pegasus Ventures monitor submitted images ensuring malevolent images get promptly flagged or, where appropriate, promoted.

To reinforce the point; negative images only get removed by a flagging process through Google if Google removes them, at all. Google’s response to flagging leaves a lot to be desired.

No click and delete process exists on this important platform.  Pegasus  Ventures finds Google My Business almost always exceeds monthly views as compared to Facebook making it important to check this platform regularly.

User submitted images also serve a great function as others get a real taste of your company from the typically well-meaning the customer’s point of view.

The vast majority of images are great!

Sometimes people act out on small businesses. Across the Pegasus Ventures portfolio we see few examples of customers using the Google My Business platform other than to share great content. No choice exists about the platform’s existence and every reason exists to use and repeat the content as it tends to reflect very well on the small business. 

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