Referral in February 2019 located in Willoughby, Ohio

Freshly’s Gyros and Corned Beef

Locally owned restaurant located in suburban Ohio

Freshly’s Gryos and Corned Beef

Scranton based web design and development company Pegasus Ventures picked up Freshly’s Gyros and Corned Beef in Willoughby, Ohio as a result of a referral from an online ordering company who shares a number of clients with Pegasus Ventures who knows our work. The website needed updating and Pegasus Ventures worked with the trusted graphic designer who took the website as far as he could to redevelop the website to current standards

Along with a new look, Pegasus Ventures built the website to be responsive so it works across all platforms. The new website gives the owner direct access to the backroom of the website to see traffic statistics. 

Pegasus Ventures integrated Constant Contact, a tool for collecting email addresses. Users sign up for email updates directly to Freshly’s Constant Contact account at the bottom of each page.

And Pegasus Ventures looks forward to a long, successful relationship with Freshly’s!



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Freshly’s Gyros and Corned Beef, a family owned business for just about 20 years, delivering great Gyros and Corned Beef for people in Willoughby, Ohio