Did you know you can find new employees for free on Facebook?

Free Facebook job postings for your small business

Use a Facebook business page to hire new people for your small business

Facebook job listings comes as free and “boosted” listings small businesses pay Facebook to display to Facebook users looking for work. Generally, the free job listings work just fine. Facebook users find a job listing based on the address of the job and their proximity to the job.

Step by step instructions to add a job posting for free on Facebook

It takes only a couple of minutes to create a free job listing for a small business on Facebook.

  1. Start on your business Facebook page.
  2. Tap the Publishing tools tab.
  3. On the left column travel down to Job Applications.
  4. Select the Create Job tab on the left.
  5. Fill in the information in each field.
  6. Note you can require applicants to respond to questions as fill in, yes or no and multiple choice as well as adding additional questions.
  7. Upload an image from your computer or use the Facebook business page cover image.
  8. Add an email address to get notified by email as well as in the Facebook business account. This is optional.
  9. Preview the job listing, if you’d like.
  10. Tap Post Job.
  11. Facebook provides the option to reply when an application is received. This is entirely optional.

Manage job listings on Facebook

Once listed a new tab appears on your Facebook business page to support managing incoming applications.

  1. Select the tab Manage Jobs on your business Facebook page.
  2. You’ll see a listing of applicants.
  3. Tap Select Status and decide what to do with each application.

Closing and deleting jobs posted to a Facebook Business page

  1. Tap on Job Posts in the Manage Jobs tab of your business Facebook page.
  2. Select Close Job to stop showing the job opportunity to Facebook users in your area.
  3. If you want the job posting removed from your business Facebook timeline, tap the three dots in the upper right of the post.
  4. Select Delete from page followed by the Delete button.


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