Serious experience owning an eCommerce website for over 10 years

Website designer and restaurant guest checks purveyor

A small, okay really, really small company, Pegasus Ventures goes back in eCommerce experience more than 10 years after a client suggested selling their restaurant supplies online.

Pegasus Ventures built 5 websites for a printer in Wyoming, Michigan. The owner’s sons called one say saying, “Sell our guest checks.” Of all the crazy ideas for a still struggling webmaster to be asked in 2006. But tell a customer, “No way!” is not the Pegasus Ventures style.

As the economy crashed in the mid 2000’s  many printers, including our customer, went out of business oddly leaving Pegasus Ventures well positioned for restaurants needing custom printed guest checks who’d lost their printer. Good Search Engine Optimization got Pegasus Ventures found and the custom printing of restaurant guest checks bloomed to a major part of the business.

Today the Pegasus Ventures e-commerce site offers stock and custom printed restaurant guest checks, napkin bands, cash register rolls, and food rotation labels sells products all over North American and beyond.

Workflow critical to eCommerce websites

The e-commerce site operated by Pegasus Ventures operates almost entirely on auto-pilot. Orders arrive, the website notifies the Pegasus Ventures vendor and the vendor ships the product.

Pegasus Ventures always looks for ways to bring efficiencies to the business. It helps to have the eCommerce part of the company self-managing as much as possible.


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