Don’t complicate offers from your business with “charity” for buying deals

“Buy from us and we will donate” offers

Looking for a bad idea? Advertise offers to donate to charity

Never once seeing customers enticed to buy from restaurants, and other businesses, Pegasus Ventures, nonetheless learns of many coming up with “Buy from me and I’ll give to…” schemes.

The charity

Some charities love the idea and readily lend their name to “Buy and Give” projects. Of course, charities often get involved in lots of other ideas far easier to set up and manage.

Ask the non-profit their experience rather than providing a plug-and-play idea. Use their experience!

Simple reality of giving

A personal choice, people wanting to give to charity make those choices without the enticement of a business offering a scheme many see as self-serving.

Over the years Pegasus Ventures hasn’t seen Buy X from me I’ll give Y to Z charity schemes create much good.



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